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What is carpet cleaning software?

Carpet cleaning service software is a tool used by carpet cleaning companies to run their operations. This software generally has bidding, scheduling & accounting functionalities built-in. Other terms used for this software include bidding software, scheduling software, accounting software, booking software, marketing software, and carpet cleaning business software.

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Carpet cleaning software allows businesses to streamline their daily routine tasks and boost efficiency with features such as:

  • Scheduling and dispatching jobs

    : you can easily set up recurring jobs, assign tasks to technicians and set arrival windows to notify customers from your phone or computer. This can keep your technicians and customers on the same page while a job is being completed.

  • Invoicing and payments

    : instead of  digging through paperwork, you can now send estimates or invoices to customers within a few clicks and receive payment faster than ever before. Our secure payment system allows customers to pay for services online and receive automated receipts right away.

  • Online Booking

    : you can get more jobs booked by customers online anytime and anywhere, even during your business off hours. Instead of receiving phone calls and losing track of appointments, you can now move everything online and have customers book directly through Yelp, Facebook and your website.

  • Email/postcard marketing

    : automate your marketing system and send thank you emails and postcards to customers after your service to drive referrals and repeated businesses.

Carpet cleaning software promotes day-to-day efficiencies within all areas of managing a carpet cleaning business and has become highly regarded as a must-have tool for every carpet cleaning company.

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Does your carpet cleaning software offer scheduling features?


Our carpet cleaning software offers easy-to-use scheduling features including, drag and drop scheduling, automatic dispatching, and automated email/text confirmations. Housecall Pro carpet cleaning software makes job scheduling and dispatching much simpler by allowing you to create, edit and manage your jobs on an organized calendar. Once you finish scheduling a job, your assigned employee will be instantly notified. In-app chat and live GPS tracking allow your technician and customer to keep an open communication and keep track of job details.

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Is your carpet cleaning software free?

You can try Housecall Pro’s carpet cleaning software for free for the first 14 days now.

After that, we have three affordable pricing plans, starting at $49 a month, built to fit whatever stage your carpet cleaning business is in.

What is the best carpet cleaning software?

When choosing the best carpet cleaning software, you should consider which software offers features that can address the needs of your business. Housecall Pro carpet cleaning software is built to help you automate tedious tasks that are wasting you extra time and money. Many leading carpet cleaning businesses in the industry have already chosen Housecall Pro as their preferred software for the following reasons:

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and is rated the one of the best softwares to manage carpet cleaning businesses.

Does your carpet cleaning software offer marketing features?


Our carpet cleaning software offers email marketing and follow-up postcard marketing features. These easy-to-use, automated marketing features allow you to send thank you emails following a service to drive repeated jobs in the future and to build a more meaningful connection with your customers. Postcard marketing enables you to send out seasonal postcards to customers to gain referral business.

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Does your carpet cleaning software integrate with QuickBooks?


You can easily synchronize your carpet cleaning invoice history, customer list, price list data and more to Housecall Pro. When a job is finished, all invoice line items and payments can be automatically sent to your QuickBooks account.

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