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What is plumbing software?

Plumbing business software is a tool used by plumbing contractors and companies to run their operations. This software generally has estimating, reviews, CRM and QuickBooks integrations built-in. Other terms used for this software include estimating software, contractor software, CRM software, dispatch software & plumbing scheduling software.

“We have been using HouseCall Pro since the beginning of our business, & it has helped build our business into what it is today. Everything from scheduling to payments to customer database, has helped us grow and given our customers have a grand experience." -

Adam B., Grateful Plumber LLC


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For people in the home services industry,

field service management (FSM) softwares

have become more and more essential to run a successful business.

Plumbing software

is a tool used to grow plumbing businesses of different sizes and to simplify running their business in valuable areas such as  invoicing, payment processing, scheduling, dispatching, booking, and marketing. Plumbing software promotes day-to-day efficiencies within all areas of managing a plumbing business. With significantly improved efficiency compared to pen and paper, plumbing software is becoming a must-have tool for every plumbing company.

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Does your plumbing software offer estimating features?

Yes. Housecall Pro’s plumbing software offers estimating features that allow you to easily  build your estimate, send it out for your customer’s approval, and copy it to a job.

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Does your plumbing software integrate with QuickBooks?


Our plumbing software easily integrates with your QuickBooks Online account. All of your customer list, price list data, invoice history and other information can be quickly and securely imported to Housecall Pro from QuickBooks Online

Learn more about the benefits of switching from paperwork to streamline online invoicing

What devices does your plumbing software work on?

Our plumbing software works on iOS, Android and desktop computer. You can easily access our software from your iPhone, Android, tablet, or computer anytime and anywhere.

Is your plumbing software free?

You can try Housecall Pro’s plumbing software for free for the first 14 days. After that we have three affordable pricing plans, starting at only $49 a month, built to fit whatever stage your plumbing business is in.

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What is the best plumbing software?

Housecall Pro’s various product features can provide the solution for different business needs. Our software is built to automate tedious tasks that are costing you lots of time and money. Tens of thousands of leading  plumbing businesses choose Housecall Pro as their preferred software because of our ease of use, frequently updated features, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service. We encourage you to compare Housecall Pro with other plumbing software on the market. Look at the customer reviews, available features, and pricing models to determine if our plumbing software is right for you.

  • Housecall Pro has 4.5 stars and 1600+ reviews on


    and is rated the #1 software to manage plumbing businesses.

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Does your plumbing software offer accounting features?


Our plumbing software has multiple options for processing payments, including sending estimates and invoices directly to customers, allowing customers to pay online and giving customers an automated receipt when a service is done. With Housecall Pro’s Instapay feature, you can now even receive your payment in less than 30 minutes and free up the cash flow of your business. Our new card reader also allows you to quickly take credit card payments with a low rate of 2.69% on every transaction (compared to Square’s 2.75% transaction rate).

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What are the benefits of plumbing software?

Some of the benefits plumbing businesses see when they use plumbing software are building better customer relationships, increasing revenue, saving up to 15 hours a week on tedious tasks and double-entry, increasing repeat business, and gaining more referrals. Technology is the future of running home service businesses and many successful plumbing businesses have already started. With streamlined business, Housecall Pro can help your plumbing company facilitate communication between owners, technicians and customers, streamline your business to free up more time, grow revenue by driving more business and eventually look bigger than the big guys in the industry.

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Do I have to be tech-savvy to use plumbing software?

Absolutely not.

Our software and specific features are designed for plumbing business owners, technicians and other key players from different backgrounds to easily learn and use. You do not have to be good with technology to use our product, and we are constantly innovating on our side to make it easier for plumbing businesses to spend the least amount of time and yield the most rewarding results. Our customer support team also gives a comprehensive 1-1 onboarding to help you understand all the features and functions within the software. Our unparalleled customer service allows you to reach us anytime you run into problems or need guidance.

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